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         Piano Solos

Playing our American Songbook favorites exist for the modern pianist to learn from. Best American Songbook songs are featured at www.iwritemelodies.

Helping people play better piano. that’s our mission, and what we’re focused on doing. Indeed, our piano sheet music provides guidance on better chord voicing, improvisation and piano technique. If it’s proof you want, click on the music player and listen

American Songbook

Moreover, hit songs- After All, Moon River and Summer Breeze newly harmonized with special intros, available to download and print. Additionally, American Songbook favorites specially arranged comes complete with chord symbols and MP3 demos, Best American songbook songs at www.iwritemelodies contain many interesting ideas the modern pianist needs to become a better pianist. 

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  Original Jazz Composition

Composers like myself write  original jazz compositions by trusting their ears. 

Therefore, the only rule is, if it sounds right it’s right.

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Not in a sentimental mood piano shuffle blues a boogie blues the modern pianist needs in his repertoire. An original modern boogie piano song that you’ll especially enjoy.

Click and listen. Whether you play boogie piano or you’re looking for something different,

Not in a sentimental mood is right for you. The term “groove”, applies here because this groovy modern  piano sheet music shuffle has plenty to offer.

 Furthermore, we have the most instructive American Songbook Favorite piano sheet music on the web.

PDF piano sheet music and original Latin melodies with MP3 demos to guide you towards improvement. We encourage self-improvement and provide the tools for you to do it. www.iwritemelodies is thrilled to be a part of your success.

      Big band music

Big band is a type of musical ensemble  that consists of ten or more musicians. Big bands commonly consists of saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and a rhythm section.. Big band jazz music originated in 1910. Furthermore Big bands dominated jazz music in the forties. That’s when swing was king!

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Sheet music downloads for big band classics ready for you to download. To say nothing of the countless big bands over the years that have played these melodies,

People love to hear American Songbook Favorites but even more dance to them.

For instance, Stompin’ at the Savoy harmony structure at times is more reminiscent of be-bop than swing, which at the time was considered a groundbreaking innovation in jazz music.

www.iwritemelodies arrangement is amongst the best. Moreover, if your Big Band is looking for a be-bop classic recommends  our special Joy Spring arrangement.

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Glad I purchased Exploration,  it’s just  what  we  needed. And people ask ‘what is that new number”. Play  it  again !

Hello Bob,  Thank you for  I Love Passion.  Oh,  the Satin Doll Big band chart fantastic.