search for an original idea

Cities are attractive to live in. Furthermore, they offer excitement and opportunities to realize your dreams. Cites offer bigger salaries and prestige you won’t find anywhere else. At least that’s their image. But when attacked by an invisible invader unemployment hits them awfully hard. A COVID-19 vaccine is needed before people can resume normal lives. Therefore, the search for an original idea to stop the disease is now in full gear.

an original idea

Finding an original idea is difficult. Also, difficult to find are diamonds. Therefore, words and diamonds are equivalents? No! Just because two things share a quality, they’re far from being the same thing. In deed, a flower is not a shiny new automobile, however, both are things of beauty. Moreover, all Latin music does not sound the same and not a thing of beauty .

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 Although old school and new school Latin music share similar qualities, listen and quickly hear how they differ. Latin in F is a new school original song. The music has popular appeal, but it retains a traditional Latin quality. Therefore, your search for an original idea has led you to my original listen to Latin jazz music. What’s more, if you click on the picture and listen you’ll enjoy this new music. Sheet music PDF available for download. Learn more about it. Click on the button.