a light finger escape

Experienced pianist and beginners have a few things in common. Critics waste no time telling them they’re playing too loudly. Therefore, escape critics with a light finger escape. Read my piano finger exercise tips to see how a light finger escape is done.

piano finger exercise tips

  • listen closely while you play and maintain concentration.
  • keep your fingers aligned with the keys and fingertips bent downward.
  • place the forearms and palms of your hands parallel with the keyboard.
  • nestle your fingers close to the keys and fingernails short.
  • don’t drop your elbows or wrists while playing.
  • listen to your body signals i.e. “stress” an adjust as you play.
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A light finger escape

Piano finger exercise tips improves piano technique dramatically. Also, it’s important to practice the right material. Therefore, this exercise applies to everyday situations. Piano exercise light finger key tricks contain short musical drills based on American Songbook, contemporary, jazz and Latin music. The Great American Songbook comprises standards, songs have never gone out of style among traditional and jazz singers and musicians. Many drills contain chord symbols which helps understanding of how improvisation applies to chords. Furthermore, use fingering suggestions and you’ll discover new ideas to improve your playing.