abusing economic aid getting a free ride

Many people claim population migration caused Brexit. Economic disparity between northern and southern Europe is staggering. Migration to prosperous northern EU countries has caused hardship on local governments. Abusing economic aid, and getting a free ride is everywhere. Health-care is needed. So why are health clinics in many areas closed? Moreover, patients without health insurance are over-running all hospitals. Seems like everywhere you look, people want a free ride.

Rides people enjoy

Healthy people enjoy bicycle riding, horseback riding, motor scooters and motorcycles. Meanwhile, celebrities roll along from film to politics. Meals on Wheels organizes bicycle tours to provide funds for Doctors without Borders. They receive our kudos. Therefore, not all free rides should be viewed negatively. People everywhere are looking for free goods. A result of economic poverty all too common. Therefore is getting a free ride being abusive?

abusing economic aid getting a free ride png

Free abusive practices

Abusing economic aid getting a free ride. Healthy people who earn upwards of a million dollars a year shopping in Walmart? Economic incentives given to drug-abusing HIV patients. People abusing the system shouldn’t be allowed to do so. But no safeguards exist to prevent such abuses. To read more about a free ride, click below.