Artists Rebel Dancers disappear

  Artists rebel dancers disappear as bebop arrives. Bebop is artistically demanding and something you acquire a taste for. A night in Tunisia can be a long night when artists rebel and dancers disappear. Therefore, get behind the keys and play till your heart is content. Put on display a glimpse of your soul. Whether you are a dancer or a performer you hunger for more. But to the contrary, when I write a blog that nobody reads that sucks! The blog on dissonant roots create bebop, points to the conclusion. Artists disappear dancers rebel because life is just too long.

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artists rebel dancers disappear

Both Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk had a unique combination of talent, musicianship and showmanship which made them bebop icons. Asides from that, I wonder if they ever considered their endeavors may never be worth the time invested? As they began their careers, I’m sure both men had many critics. And yet they endured because they believed in themselves. Neither abused their talent by over-indulging in wine or woman. Also I’m convinced, they knew without guidelines provided by the law and religion, life can get ugly. Artists rebel dancers disappear. In fact, Monk and Dizzy dedicated their time and energy creating music which they as well as numerous others enjoyed. They found their purpose in life, making music.

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Music cultivates and stimulates us while generating a purpose for living. Whether as a listener or a performer you hunger for more. To keep it real, self-expression, is a glimpse of your soul, put on display. Emotional and intellectual energy revealed in an original artistic performance of Night in Tunisia captured in print now available with demo MP3 . Learn more about it. Click Me.