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Born 1891 Peru Indiana into a very wealthy family Cole got off to a good start. He was interested in music throughout his childhood and adolescent years. At the age of 28 he began studying music composition in Paris. Cole enjoyed the academic life, studying law at Harvard or getting a BA at Yale. When he wasn’t in school, he traveled incessantly between Europe and NYC. In deed, Cole was getting on the map, for his brilliant original song compositions.

Porter wrote his best songs 1929-1935 when he was living in New York City, working for Jewish copywriters. For example, “Let’s do it”, “You do Something to me” and “What is this thing called love?” Nevertheless, in spite of Cole’s huge fortune, his life took a downward spiral in 1958, after having a leg amputation.

Best Cole Porter Songs

Best and Worst of Cole Porter

In the first place, Cole was hospitalized for two years following a horseback-riding incident in 1937. In the stretch of two years 1952-1954 he lost his wife Linda and his mother. However, what he accomplished earlier in his career was amazing. We at www.iwritemelodies decided to write Cole Porter Musical Examples to help conceptualize how Cole applied music theory in practice. In deed, Porter’s best songs are “Night and Day”, “I Get a Kick out of You”, “Begin the Beguine” and “I’ve got you under my skin”. In the meanwhile, still, locking himself in seclusion in a Waldorf-Astoria luxury suite, Porter sought refuge in Alcohol and self-pity. Cole’s bad-side remorse and “self-pity”, could no longer be ignored.

In either case, refusing all further participation or attendance at commencement exercises at Yale University and “Salute to Cole Porter” at the Metropolitan Opera. Cole Porter died in 1964 unexpectedly leaving instructions, no funeral or memorial services!

My favorite best Cole Porter songs are “In the still of the Night”, “You’d be some nice to come home to”, “Just one of those things”, “From this moment on” and “Easy to Love”.

Everybody loves Cole Porter’s music “In the still of the Night”, “You’d be some nice to come home to”, “Just one of those things”, “From this moment on” and “Easy to Love” and many more. Therefore, he was buried adjacent to his wife and mother in Peru, Indiana. However, the best Cole Porter songs lives on.

Broadway is closed

Because of Covid-19 Broadway musicals are no longer drawing crowds. The epidemic has driven away tourists and theaters are struggling. Cole’s music is always played when audiences what to hear show tunes. Piano bars all over the world still favor Cole’s music. We at iwritemelodies dedicate much effort in publishing piano sheet music downloads for intermediate and advanced pianists. All our products are reasonably priced and aimed at helping people play better piano. All downloads include MP3 demos. Broadway is closed but iwritemelodies is open. Click more Cole Porter to find what we have to offer

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