Birds of a Feather

Bird being a junkie, would steal from anybody to get money and feed his insatiable appetite for heroin. Actually, Miles and Charlie were birds of a feather in so far as Miles had a craving too, for acceptance. Miles Davis anxious to break in on the tight NYC jazz scene was rich and Bird needed to feed his drug habit. Let alone that Bird prayed on Miles and Miles Davis, on the other hand, not being stupid, knew it. There was almost nothing Miles wouldn’t do to get Charlies approval.

Bird feathers Milford MA.

Sadly, I heard from a close friend, Charlie tried to steal a saxophone from Boots Mussulli when Bird was performing at Boot’s jazz club in Milford MA. Therefore it follows, Charlies mooching leech-like behavior, made Miles prime bait for the sick self-centered genius Charlie Parker. Without a doubt, Bird used his fame to entrap the anxious Miles Davis. Bird was sucking money from him so he could keep getting high on heroin and cocaine. Miles was struggling for acceptance, he had plenty of money.

Birds of a Feather png

Not a struggling black jazz musician

You don’t go to Julliard if you’re a struggling poor black jazz musician. Miles idolized Bird and adopted many of Bird’s bad habits. Birds of a Feather jam together. I’m sure Bird had another side to him. Even the worse have some admirable virtues. If I knew Charlie personally, I would be the first to defend him against false accusations. I am simply giving you my take on it. Indeed, Charlie’s drug addiction keep him busy thinking about how to get his next high, and used young Miles Davis like an ATM to get what he wanted. Davis also learned from Bird how to deal with his sidemen. Miles Davis became the most popular jazz trumpeter in the late fifties because he was fronting a band with some of the very best jazz musicians in it. Miles became king, but to the contrary, Bird never displayed the arrogance that Davis demonstrated, and he was far more talent.