Careless cold love smiles

Careless cold love smiles on Jesus Christ, not me. Turn off grief and light selfless passion. Fear a menu serving survival only! Heat, freshwater crimes, hopeless conditions blaming ourselves and not in error.

care for me

Love cools insensitivity but does nothing to sooth bad memories. Careless cold love smiles with an evil face and dominates my brain. Distraction pulling me out of the world I want to live in. Hating vicious evil memories, history distorted, but more real than not. Christianity suffers where happiness prevails and isn’t that a betrayal of Christ. Shouldn’t our lives mirror his suffering? Happiness fails Jesus Christ when he suffers. How is that different from you and I? Care for me Jesus, but I won’t suffer to please you. Fearing you guides my choices, right and wrong. Right and wrong are you claiming authorship of? If you are it’s not true. Cold love smiles on you, but not on me. Too many lives torn apart prayers that failed, if that’s love, it’s cold careless love.

careless cold love smiles png

  Walk over my heart

In addition to this, words can cut into you, a feeling you get when your life torn apart, losing what you so dearly love. Too many lives torn apart words that failed, if that’s love, it’s cold careless love. Walk Over My Heart  captures the emptiness you feel. Nonetheless, one of the great exponents of Brazilian music, Carlos Jobim internationalized bossa nova and merged it with jazz in the 1960s to create a new sound with remarkable popular success. In fact, Walk over my heart, in all honesty, is Jobim’s How Insensitive.