chasing in style wherever the rainbow ends

Wherever you’re going my Dream Maker, I’m going the same way, only in style, how about you? As for myself, when my dreams bring me happiness and contentment with everything and everybody, that’s my rainbow’s end. So, drifter where does your rainbow end? Are you chasing in style, wherever your rainbow ends? Or are you so timid and scared to do what is needed, that you drifters fail to help yourselves? But even so, if your rainbow includes Henry Mancini’s music, listen to Moon River below.

chasing in style wherever the rainbow ends png
Moon River

wherever the rainbow ends

However, still my private hopes burn bright. These words should be familiar if you feel your life is missing an essential ingredient. People like me chase and dream because life is not as it seems, being only a reflection of our hopes and certainly not our realities. However, don’t give up because at the rainbows end contentment awaits chasing our dreams.

believing in our dreams

Moon river wider than a mile I’m crossing you in style someday. A dream maker and a heart-breaker, wherever you’re goin’, I’m goin’ that way. Above all, chasing in style wherever the rainbow ends is believing in our dreams. But to the contrary, guarantees are not a part of our dreams. Actually just a hope for our safeties, as we pursue those things in life which make it worthwhile.

chasing in style

We are drifters off to see the world. Such crazy worlds we live in. But it is ours to see and as well to change. So I challenge you and ask are you content living in darkness or are you open to new ideas?