Christ is God

Christianity has been represented by the Church for over two-thousand years. The church is god’s representative on Earth. Built on this idea, the church has aggressively supported itself with governmental approval. The church has structure just like a good song does. Many people believe Christ is God, I don’t. But for sure, he is the cornerstone of Christianity. Music is the cornerstone of my website without having anything to do with the church.

Structure God’s foundation of truth

A good song has structure, think of the believers as the song’s harmony. Which scales do its believers belong too.? Protestant sects the minor scales and Catholics represent the major keys in this humorous comparison. Actually I hope you to find it funny too, or at least unique. Therefore, in that sense, music, religion, faith and government are unified forces within society and are categorized each according to the quality of its product. Structure gives us a necessary foundation avoiding boredom and chaos. Moreover, music at the very least should be truthful and personal in such a way as to make us who we are.

Christ Music and Church

Music, church and government have structure. Indeed Christianity helps those that believe in Christ. Either way, I’m not telling you what you should or should not believe. I’m here telling you how to become a better modern pianist. That is truth and how I can help you. What help do you need? Actually, you need only to check out the music on my website, offering guidance with concrete examples to improve your playing.

For Christ’s Sake

See how I embellish the structure of All The Things You Are with a fully harmonized melody, improvisation lacking chaos, chord symbols throughout plus a super introduction. Indeed, quality sheet music at discounted prices at In either case, be true to yourself and learn how to play better piano. I am here to help. So click Learn More button below. Start making progress today. Don’t wait.