Easy to love young talent, beautiful bodies gracefully dancing about in large empty rooms. Alone, and delicately moving on their toes, arms spread wide apart, mesmerizing us. Rising into the air spreading their beautiful legs alone in their homes, with only video cameras to prove they’re still dancing. No theatre in which to be displayed and loved in. COVID-19 boredom dancers young and talented soaking us with their charms. But in the meanwhile, concert attendees suffering with depression, remain at home. As a result, these talented artists, feel the sad loss of their normal routines. So many times we have been told, you never know what you have, until you lose it.

Boredom Dancers

easy to love

In the air and on the floor, dancers are easy to love. So easy to love vocals, pianos and guitars filling the air with suggestive sounds which light our imaginations. Staged only in homes, dancers continue to hone their skills waiting for life to return to normal. In the meanwhile, we feel restless as a result of COVID-19 boredom. On the other hand, as each day passes the infection and death rates climb higher. Moreover, the end is nowhere in sight. In contrast, to feel better click and listen You’d be so easy to love.

COVID-19 social depression

Theatres, studios, clubs and restaurants, which closed during the spring COVID-19 viral attack, lie dusty dark and lonely. Dancers singers actors musicians and others tasked with entertaining us, have few venues now to give us what we need. Moreover, with their talent they enrich our lives more than they will ever know. Meanwhile, in the air or spread across the floor in beautiful costumes, alone with video cameras and music, giving us inspirational and uplifting moments in our hours of boredom.