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Becoming a more creative pianist means finding unique and interesting ways to express your ideas. For instance, for the first-time cross-hand playing in thirds is presented. Also new in this month’s music parallel sixths and thirds moving in contra-motion. New piano exercises to help you become a more creative pianist is what we’re all about. www.iwritemelodies has a mission: to help people play better piano. Moreover, we publish piano sheet music every month aimed at improving specific piano skills.

One sure way to become a more skillful pianist is to try using the given suggested fingering. Improving on your piano technique is what www.iwritemelodies is here for. Interesting improvisation requires excellent technique and that fingering is very important. Try our suggestions, we know you will improve.

Furthermore, to understand improvisation you must relate it to chords. Indeed, the best modern pianists play excellent solos as a result of their keyboard dexterity and imagination. www.iwritemelodies dedicates its music to the modern pianist who want to play better piano. In all honesty, more musical ideas will come to you when your piano technique gets better. Moreover we recommend a cornerstone of our website Whisper Not that is if you’re into funky bluesy music. There certainly are plenty of tips and things you can learn from it.

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examine the exercise

The aim of my piano exercises is to make your playing more creative. Look closely at the scales and associate them with the chord symbols. Learn improvisation techniques which can be applied creatively to a variety of songs immediately. Hold your audience’s attention longer as you become a more creative pianist. Try the suggested fingering, breaking away from subconscious finger patterns . Furthermore, new arpeggios, chords and improvisation all here to help you develop better piano technique. Were happy at iwritemelodies when our suggestions help you. That’s what we do here.

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Download 6-page PDF sheet music A4 print size now with big savings. Furthermore, each download comes with a MP3 demo. Listening to a demo speeds-up learning new music. Don’t hesitate to improve your playing! This month’s music helping you become a more creative pianist.

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