Downward spiral

Fact of life is that youth highly valued but easily manipulated cause sleepless nights for many parents. Even more, talented children before they have the necessary skills, have spared no shortcuts to get on board the gravy train hoping to make tons of money. But in fact, most don’t and the downward spiral for these talented children has only begun.

Mater of fact, young attractive people do become wealthy pop artists. But to the contrary, many talented children who are not ready, are taken advantage of and therefore denied the chance to reach their full potential. In fact, for a chance at fame, many trade their self respect before realizing they’re being used! Most will later regret making that decision. But even worse, every day while we drown in bad music, many normal parents are angry with their talented young children. In all honesty, the music we hear all around us every day, continues its downward spiral. Meanwhile children are being exposed to dangerous people who do not have their best interests in mind. Sadly, many families are being torn apart by arguments and frustration with their talented children. Enticed into the music business not ready yet to deal with the pressure, get themselves into serious trouble.

downward spiral photo
young beautiful and easily manipulated

American Songbook MIA

No secret that many young pop artists have no respect for the American Songbook. Therefore, sadly have become separated from traditional jazz and film music. Meanwhile, in the degradation of the American Songbook, they have buried the best American jazz and film music. These corrupting ongoing practices demonstrate a total disrespect for tradition and standard American music. Pop culture moguls only consider how fast they can sell their brand-new products to eager youngsters. This segment of the entertainment industry is the low water mark in the promotion of real human values.