fallacy of normalcy

The first record albums I purchased were made by jazz pianists. I was taking piano lessons and practicing between 3 and 4 hours a day. My reasoning was this is has to make me a good pianist. Wrong. Just a fallacy of normalcy! In deed, I was paying $4.00 for vinyl jazz albums, remember this was the 1950’s and compact Discs hadn’t been invented yet. What is more, Billy Taylor, George Shearing, Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson were my favorite pianists.

I’m sure they all did their interpretations of Satin Doll. Nevertheless, I couldn’t find any transcriptions. So, I wanted to publish one of my own, I wanted it to be different. A fallacy of normalcy, nonetheless, a good new version of Satin Doll. Give it a listen! Click on the picture below and feel free to leave me a comment.

fallacy of normalcy

Satin Doll caught my attention because it was a simple but catchy melody. Moreover, I loved the way Billy Taylor played it. And nearly everyone in my generation considered it hip. I remember Phil Woods saying, “when I heard Moonlight in Vermont, for the first time, I was blown away, the ending was so hip”. This was not a fallacy of normality friends. It was the bridge between swing music and modern jazz. I didn’t have a Satin Doll. Who was your Satin Doll?

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Harmonic Structure

Honestly, Satin Doll is not one of Duke’s most interesting songs. On the other hand, remains popular with vocalist and audiences, who enjoy the entente of the lyrics. Furthermore, all professional musicians know it’s a frequently requested song which audiences everywhere recognize. Therefore, I transcribed my piano arrangement of Satin Doll which is now available to download at a reduced price. Quite simply rule number one never pay more for something than necessary.

Rules! what rules? “There are no rules”.

Chick Corea

With no cigarette holder which wigs me hanging over my shoulder, can you dig me? I’m talking about Satin Doll. Not to mention, if you like what you’re hearing, click More below look at the music and read more about my offer.