get a second chance

Not terribly long ago many popular hit songs were made without vocalist. Indeed, some of the most popular songs were created by saxophonists, pianists and small bands. Examples include Jimmy Dorsey’s So Rare, Herb Alpert’s hit Tijuana Taxi, Jimmy Forrest’s rhythm and blues hit Night Train, Harlem Nocturne and Autumn Leaves to name only a few. Sadly instrumental hits have disappeared from today’s popular music. Second Chance conceived as an alternative to vocal boredom because I am tired of vocalist stealing the show! Nevertheless, not so long-ago instrumental music was king, and vocalist were fringe players. However, all that has changed, now vocalist totally dominate the music we hear all-day, everyday! Indistinguishable from each other and ad-nauseum dominate the airwaves. Therefore, I’m asking you to act now, get a second chance to set things right.

Digital electronics

These days electronics dominates our lives. Whereas for hundreds of years talented people became musicians and had no need for digital electronics. Learning on brass and string instruments they made beautiful music. Moreover, performances were not digitally manipulated, as they are today. But, all that has changed. In fact, synthesizers have replaced brass and string instruments and therefore putting many talented instrumentalist out of work. Moreover, Music has become in large part only a vehicle for product sales. Read my article on downward spiral to find out more about the decline of popular music.

The Extinction

Our listening habits have changed as a result of social media. Sound Cloud, YouTube, i Tunes and Spotify now supply our daily music. Furthermore, new popular music trends in electronic music have trashed hundreds of years of standard musical ideas. Financially driven today’s boring music has led to the extinction of classical and traditional music on our airwaves. A financial cancer destroying sensible music. Wynton Marsalis “we are living today in the musical dark ages”. That sums it up!

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