honest faithful knight’s heart prevails

There was a time when honest faithful knight’s heart prevails no matter what. Then inside the dreams of the knight in bright armor came the question, can true love fail? In fact, true love fails all the time. Therefore, honest faithful knight’s heart failures are more common than true love will prevail.  In all honesty, without money, faithful and true, all our childish dreams turn bright blue. Lack of financial resources is the prime reason for our failures. Money faithful and true I can’t get enough of you.

honest faithful knight’s heart prevails png

knight’s heart a true story

Then I would miss the childhood song I sung to you. I will be your knight in bright armor, faithful and true. I will be the one you hold, in your arms. Come what may, it’s going to be my way or the highway, my dear. That’s just what she said. Our love might not survive, I retorted. God is the author of space and time and he always will love you she said. But I’m not god, so why are you telling me this? And she answered: remember, PayPal, Visa, Chase and Master Card are always faithful and true even to you. Kaboom!

After the war is through

Darling, honest faithful knight’s heart prevails and if I’m not the one to hold you close, someone else will. Therefore, I’ll be the one to pay your bills as long as you let me hold you in my arms. After all, and come what may, if you don’t stay, I’ll love someone else, because it’s a new day and you’ve gone away. That’s fine she said.