Improvisation overcoming fears

You will overcome fear to improvise by practicing examples showing you how to do so. It’s important also to remember, all music started out as someone’s improvisation. These exercises contain improvised melodies derived from chord progressions. Improvisation overcoming fears through playing music designed for that purpose.

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improvisation overcoming fears

You need to open up your mind to new ideas to learn jazz. For instance, the piano is your tool of expression like any workman you need to know how to use your tool. To become comfortable at the keyboard and with improvisation you must feel and know what you’re doing is correct. You will become confident when you receive approval from teachers and peers.

These exercises contain melodies derived from chord progressions found in jazz standards. Therefore, you can see how the melodic improvisation is associated with the chords. The piano keyboard a tool for expression, learn to use all of it. Become comfortable using the whole keyboard. Expressing what you feel and hear is a long trail. Moreover, it starts when you break subconscious finger patterns habits. You find comfort in familiar patterns, but they are limiting your keyboard facility and creativity.

Practical steps overcoming fear of improvisation

Practice the exercises with suggested fingering to break subconscious finger patterns and show you new ways to find the sounds you want to play. Self-expression is facilitated when your keyboard technique improves. To improve your technique, play in all the keys. Self-confidence grows but it takes time. However, one sure way to become a better pianist is to play in the keys of A, B, E, D, Gb as well as all the easier ones. These piano exercises are transposed to those keys. Therefore, you’ll become comfortable using any finger on any key. When that happens, you’re off and running. Therefore, you can see how the melodic improvisation is associated with the chords. And fears overcoming improvisation will vanish away.