instant cures offer no progress

An immediate solution to a problem is what advertising thrives on. Persuading us to gratify our needs immediately, no matter how trivial they are. Although in reality, these benefits are only short-lived. And instant cures offer no progress. But on the other hand, progress here refers to developing your skills. You need to have patience, if you’re going to make progress.

Freedom of choice, an abused euphemism, sometimes requires unnecessary burning of fossil fuels. And this abuse results in bad air quality and disastrous unstable climate change.

Moreover, consumers feel neither personal responsibility, nor guilt when they purchase unnecessary articles. Never asking themselves if they really need it. Products require energy to make. In most cases that means burning fossil fuels. Consumerism hides product production, blinds consumers, and encourages waste.

 instant cures offer no progress

To improve your piano playing, requires energy and commitment. Energy and commitment will result in progress you and others will hear. Therefore, intermediate and advanced level pianists use these exercises to progress in specific ways. If you are looking for progress in the area of improvisation, look no further. Furthermore, instant cures offer no progress. Moreover, examples from chord progressions found in jazz, Latin, and the American Songbook are abundant here. Click on the picture to hear this month’s music. Next, click below and learn more about this offer.

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