Intellectual property


Intellectual property copyright abuse

I was bounced around from publisher to publisher to get permissions to legally publish copyrighted material. I didn’t want to be guilty of intellectual property copyright abuse. My quest started at ASCAP  to find-out who had the publishing rights to the songs I love to play. However, I wasted months waiting for approvals from publishers who didn’t own the material I wanted.

Copyright without value

Copyrighted material with only melodies, chord symbols and sometimes lyrics, in short, is worth nothing. To the contrary, I write the introduction, harmonize the melody, include an improvisation chorus and write the ending. My creativeness gives the copyrighted music some value. We all know this is the whole shebang.

No news is bad news

Months passed waiting for a response from (Hal Leonard Permissions). When the reply came it said – According to our records, the print rights to the above-referenced compositions are controlled by the indicated publishers. Please direct your request to the respective publisher at the following addresses to secure the necessary permission. A pure run-around. Hal Leonard Corp owns every song I want.

Finally this news arrives

In regards to your piano arrangements, Hal Leonard is now working with the Sheet Music Plus ArrangeMe program to give musicians the ability to self-publish their arrangements of approved copyrighted songs. Below see their terms.

Take 10% or nothing at all

ArrangeMe, after examining the program closely, they give me only 10% of the sale price. That is Piracy! What I do isn’t as bad as what they do. And they get away with it.This is piracy!


Making music is my great passion, defining what I’m about. I want to share my big band, and piano arrangements because I know they’re unique and certainly worth more than 10% of the sale price. I know you can feel my frustration. Thanks for your attention. And I hope your sympathy.