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However, jazz cat soul piano became a non-believer is a long story and is not the point of what I have to say. If you’re a believer, do you believe Good Friday is the real Black Friday? Think about it! On the other hand, jazz cat soul piano believes only in his senses, therefore in the case of music he believes what you hear is what you get. But that’s not all, even more, jazz cat respects the beliefs of all that consider themselves spiritually guided. Therefore, soul cat jazz piano believes in the funky Benny Golson song Whisper Not the topic of his spiritual message to modern jazz pianists.

jazz cat soul piano

soul jazz groove

This blog is intended to familiarize you with my arrangement of Whisper Not, a jazz groove funky piano sheet music download. Jazz groove and funky best describes this piano version of Whisper Not. Pianist like Horace Silver and Bobby Timmons expressed the soul of jazz. Their small bebop and hard-bop bands played music and others imitated it. Bennie Golson’s wrote music for modern jazz bands. Above all, his music was always melodic and harmonically interesting. Whisper Not is his most famous song and the Art Blakey quintet made it one of their standards. For a while, in fact, they were playing it on every gig. To tell the truth, jazz musicians everywhere have been playing it since 1956, the year it was written .

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whisper not

Good Friday is Black Friday

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