lovely blooming lonesome living beauty

Flowers was a sweet label for a girlfriend, who became my wife. Days gone by longing for sex thinking it was love we’ve did things, that I’d do all over again, if I only could. In contrast, only dead wood now is left behind. But even so, hard and straight it was back then. Lovely living lonesome blooming beauty. Either way, if you don’t have a clue about yourself, do you expect someone to love you? 

Lovely blooming lonesome came at a price. Lovely living lonesome blooming beauty had a soul, a flower is a lovesome thing. Hear it once and you’ll remember it forever. Down in the depths on the 47 floor, that kind of thing. On the other hand, does anyone except Billy, Duke and I consider a flower a lovesome thing, a topic for discussion?

Billy Duke and I

I think we can still handle a few more, Billy said. However, Duke powdering his nose paid him no attention. Sure, they were both super talented and I wish I had met both of them. Nonetheless, Chelsea Bridge, Lush Life, and a flower is a lovesome thing written more than 60 years ago sound new. Thank Billy Strayhorn for the music and Duke Ellington for giving Billy chance after chance and believing that Bill’s music will still be loved and played by musicians long after he is dead .

lovely blooming lonesome living beauty jpeg

A flower is more than a label

A heart just an organ to feed our bodies blood. But No! Flowers has a heart too, broken easily, carelessly, but in revenge calculating what was in store for the offender. I admit, I loved the blooming lonesome living beauty, and confess she willfully and skillfully broke my heart too.