masterful interpretations of beautiful melodies

All Students have unique personalities. Some flower sooner than others. It’s about how we do things and not about getting to the finish line. True artistry is often linked to a deep sadness which later transforms itself into a thing of beauty. Therefore, the goal is playing masterful interpretations of a beautiful melodies. Read more to find out how to make yourself comfortable with the keyboard and play masterful interpretations of beautiful melodies.

Students that showed little promise have surprised their instructors. However, over time became great musicians. Some before others and with their own personalities. Click picture below

masterful interpretations of beautiful melodies

challenging subconscious finger patterns

Most pianists use subconscious finger patterns which limit their self-expression. You must, therefore, adapt and become comfortable using any finger on any key. Subconsciously we favor some fingers more than others. Therefore, we must change subconscious choice finger patterns. Get comfortable using all your fingers. This perhaps is the real value in practicing these exercises. Your playing will improve quickly when you break subconscious finger choices. The keyboard will be less challenging. Therefore, new ideas for improvisation which will come spontaneously.

Masterful interpretations of beautiful melodies

February piano exercises are a two-part series. This piano exercise is the second in a two-part series. Click below for details