May day brainy zany wish

May day brainy zany wish is just a silly phrase to introduce Here is that rainy day. I’m not a farmer, therefore, May’s lack of rain is not life or death, so to speak. But even so, a zany pianist turned blogger for lack of something better to? Ashamed to admit it, nonetheless, here I am. I hoped it wouldn’t turn out this way wouldn’t you? Nevertheless, this is my rainy day brainy zany outcome. If you care, please read my silly rhyme Stop melting my dreams like ice and solidify them into good advice. Something I can understand, not some May day brainy zany wish.

Mr. Google Smuggle perhaps you think I’m asking for too much from you? Actually, it is you who is asking too much of me. Google Analytics 4 all powered insights offering advice and prediction capabilities for marketers. I hope you’re not offended but this marketer is not benefiting from your insights and advice. In the meanwhile, the best product of its kind languishes in obscurity. Here’s that rainy day.

May day brainy zany wish

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May day brainy zany wish 

Hoping to sell a few more pieces of sheet music, click button below and find out more about Here is that rainy day. Zany brainy piano sheet music that was thrown aside by Google search. Google stop delivering me rain then I won’t complain. Or is it a worn out wish that you threw aside? If that’s the case, we’re not only in the midst of a COVID-19 slide but a full force attack on my website. A small website offering the best sheet music of its kind at unbelievable prices; no it’s not a dream.

Left over dreams

I should have saved those left over dreams. Funny but here’s that rainy day. Where is that worn out wish I threw aside? No it won’t go away anytime soon zany brainy piano sheet music. Funny how love becomes a cold rainy day and now that rainy day is here.

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