My man Miles Davis

My man Miles Davis jumped on board the latest craze in avant-garde electronic music to keep his popularity. Above all else, not only to become wealthier, but didn’t want to be considered old and out of style. In all honesty, Miles was never satisfied, and appeared indifferent never happy on stage. Therefore, I suspect, he never gave a second thought, thinking what am I giving-up to get a fatter paycheck? In all honesty, Miles was only satisfied when he was making more money than anyone else. To say nothing of all the things I heard and read about him, nowhere has anybody described him as generous.

My man never gave me the right feeling

My man Miles Davis, I admit, had a unique sound when he played with Bird, Trane, Cannonball and Bill Evans. However, he played everything like a tender love song, and never gave me the right feeling when he played straight-ahead jazz. Moreover, not only this, but his solos were always behind the beat! Never “laying it down” like Donald Byrd, Kenny Durham, Clifford Brown or Dizzy Gillespie. Much less while pursuing a jazz style increasing non-traditional, Stanley Crouch commented, it didn’t even sound good, and that is how it ended. What’s even more, neither did he get the popularity he so desperately wanted, nor the ageless image that was so important to him.

My man Miles Davis png

My man was born into money

Davis grew up in wealth, and I suspect money was more important to him then self-improvement. He showed little respect for tradition. Therefore, becoming a better jazz musician was something he was not interested in. Perhaps Miles couldn’t see any value in doing so. What is more, I suspect he considered himself a genius, better than all his contemporaries who had nothing to teach him. Therefore, he was giving-up nothing, when embracing the latest fad and getting the fat paycheck. I believe money had more value to him then music.