one-night stand

The Midnight Sun was once considered a sign of godly existence. Indeed, it was much more than a warm lovely memory, the remains of a one-night stand. Red lips fall from snowy heights, arms around me so tight, the music of the universe drums throughout my body. One day love pales, flames dwindle to embers, and soon only a memory is left. In fact, the sad truth is during the 19th century humans discovered the Midnight sun had a very earth-like explanation. Thereafter, many were disappointed and their faith in the Roman goddess Aurora was smashed to bits. The heavenly proof of Aurora’s godly existence vanished like an alabaster palace. Either way, a one-night stand or a sign of godly existence, both explanations have merit, if you have an open mind.

Not a one-nighter

Lying beside your loved one touching her wherever you desire and with her consent is that not as good as it gets? In fact, it’s not a one-night stand, if you’re with someone whom you can trust on being there tomorrow. Feelings tended, respecting limitations and receiving their help in so many ways, but most of all, trusting each other. In contrast, if you don’t have that special person and a one night stand is where you’re at, I have a product which you can listen to called the Midnight Sun. Give it a listen sit back an relax.

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Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

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