Passion focuses energy

Passion is not one step short of craziness. Lust is craziness and often mistaken for passion. To the contrary, passion focuses energy and applies it logically to a situation. In fact, passion is not something you bottle-up and release at will. Truthfully, passion focuses energy and not the other way around. Maybe writing a blog, or composing a new song focuses your energy? Perhaps you have other interests and you found this blog accidently? Either way, I ask if excellence is judged only by sales, what are the chances of success with our music? It takes money to get on the map and even more money to keep us there. Therefore, on a meager budget are you challenged getting recognition and respect? Certainly!

Some of us resist, not comfortable with doing something only because it is financially rewarded. In deed, this fact is worth remembering, it takes money to get on the map and even more to keep you there! In either event ask yourself, should I wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to end, or should I focus my passion now and be ready?

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Passion focuses energy

Governments are loosening restrictions seeing the COVID-19 pandemic as nearly over. Actually salivating at the thought it soon will be business as usual. In all honesty, things may never be normal again. Moreover, it’s apparently getting worse in many places. Hopefully when things settle down, plan to welcome your audience back in a big way. What is more, you can find new outstanding material on my Composer page For instance, if you’re looking for Latin music my original composition, I love Passion is perfect for your small orchestra. But all my original compositions will meet your needs. New material keeps them coming back and I’ve got the best. Now my original compositions are being offered at huge savings. It won’t cost you anything to look and listen! Now more than ever, focus your passion and energy on music.

Click try me below to get started! Passion focuses energy.