bebop piano solos

It’s a fact, a fully notated bebop piano solos sheet music is hard to find. Furthermore, this bebop piano arrangement  Dizzy Gillespie’s Night in Tunisia is a great place to start. Fully harmonized plus chord symbols and a jazz solo makes a convincing argument to listen.  Download bebop piano sheet music free mp3. 

Bebop was not heavily arranged music. Bebop musicians typically played the melody of a song (called the “head”) and then improvised.  Following that  returned to the melody to end the song.

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bebop piano solosphotograph of a young woman sitting on top of a piano

Musicians must know the following songs. There Will Never Be Another You, Night in Tunisia and Satin Doll. These bebop piano songs are must learn tunes. Therefore, they have become part of a jazz musicians repertoire. 

bebop piano style

Bebop developed as the younger generation of jazz musicians expanded the creative possibilities of jazz. Going beyond the popular, dance-oriented swing style, to the contrary, new “musician’s music”  was not as danceable and demanded close listening. So the public turned its back on it! 

photograph of pianist Bud Powell sitting cross-legged on a piano stool

Bud Powell

Night in Tunisia

Satin Doll

There'll never be another you