standards songbook

standards songbook

The standards songbook so called “fake-book” called the musician’s bible. Song publishers who created it frequently had backgrounds as Jewish salesmen

songbook of standards

Learning the songbook requires practice.Therefore, it is essential to discover new modern voicings . Learn these unique piano solo arrangements and improve your playing. Because these are the demands of Jazz piano playing.

Theory Golden Rule

Remember the golden rule- if it sounds right it’s right.

Business of Jazz Education

Moreover, don’t be taken in by complicated jazz theory.  Education is business! Much of it useless.

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Download Sheet Music

Songs below are available to download. Sheet music with free mp3 and priced right. 

Broadway show standards 

Cole Porter is the best know Broadway Musical show-song writer. Unlike many successful Broadway composers, Porter wrote the lyrics as well as the music.

Cole Porter Story

After a serious horseback riding accident in 1937, the very wealthy Cole Porter sadly was left disabled, and in constant pain,  His shows of the early forties didn’t contain the lasting hits of his best work of the 1920’s and ’30’s, but in 1948 he made a triumphant comeback. His most successful musical was  Kiss Me, Kate. which included popular among jazz artists: So in Love. And won the first Tony Award for Best Musical.

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Here's that rainy day

I've got the world on a string

I Should Care

Summer Breeze

Sweet Lorraine