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Modern piano videos

The piano has been an integral part in both solo and ensemble settings. However, modern piano music videos are a new form of visual entertainment.

Miles Davis’s hit Walkin’ is a funky bluesy song. Moreover, this piano solo version captures the real walking vibe. Not to mention, the videos were created with Wondershare Filmora 9 software. Moreover, the piano transcription only is available to download, print and play. I know pianists will enjoy the complete transcription of this recording.

 Video music Love me with your smile

Easy listening modern piano solos touches me deep inside. Sit back listen and look at something unique. Allow yourself to experience warm tender feelings. Also modern piano music videos are not copies but original films. Unfortunately,this video sheet music transcript is not available.

Touch me piano

As a matter of fact, this video is  my sentimental favorite. Melodies are distinctive. Furthermore, they remain as some of the most popular piano solos.

Words can hurt

A feeling you get when your life torn apart and losing what you so dearly love. After hearing “I’m leaving you”, in this forlorn moment, Walk Over My Heart  captures the emptiness you feel.