Right now right here have no fear

Fearing to improvise and create something worthy of attention are common problems. Progress is creating something different, being yourself a bit more each day. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to express yourself through music. Listen to the best jazz artists improvise, you can hear the melody underneath. Remember improvising relates to melody. Right now right here have no fear.

A mirror of your soul. When I’m playing, I know who I am. I feel a sense of purpose and clarity. But don’t deceive yourself, making progress presents problems! Moreover, challenges starts the moment we open our eyes each day. Therefore, don’t “roll-over” if you need to keep playing to improve.

Your music focuses on you

If you want to continue progressing focus on listening. You must train yourself to stay in the moment the future may cease to exist at any second. Being in the moment delivers positive results. Play because you get energy from it. Improve to enjoy more of what you do. Then share it with your family and later the public.

right now right here have no fear png

right now right here have no fear music drills 

Melodic improvising short exercises focuses on chord progressions. These piano exercises continues to focus on developing skills useful in everyday situations. Click on picture above to listen. To see the music click on button below