snow white lies the prince cries

Prince has a heart too! And snow white lies has broken it, easily and carelessly. She convinced herself someday my prince will come without even a clue that she had one, then carelessly lost him.  But now snow white lies the prince cries while both their hearts lie in ruin. Someday I’ll leave this place, thought the prince, and perhaps memories of snow white lies will fade. Keeping my heart safe from harm I’ll never love again, he said. But when did it turn bad, he asked himself? Was it a dream, while all the time I just couldn’t admit it? In all honesty, the prince would never fulfill his ambitions. He was damaged goods. But it was to depressing to admit.

snow white lies the prince cries png

divided by age

With audiences increasingly divided by age the prince, therefore, sought help on Social media. Soon afterwards he discovered Sound Cloud, YouTube, and Spotify thinking now I can supply my music everywhere and perhaps at last I’ll be successful. There never was a better time to say “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Oscar Wilde thank you for the wise words of advice. Snow white lies the prince cries, I’ll never fall in love again said Snow White. In the meanwhile, Prince and all his ambitions are still lying in the gutter.

someday my prince will come

Life is a bitch and someday the Prince will be gone. Away to his castle where he hopes to find peace and fall asleep for a long time. Someday my prince will come. The birds will sing and wedding bell will ring. Click Learn more.