string theory for Arkansans

Absurd string theory for Arkansans in which a frame presents point-like nuclear particles replaced by one-dimensional objects, called strings.  Guitar strings, bass strings, violins and all string instruments are three-dimensional, therefore are hereafter excluded from this theory. Are you with me, or do I need to repeat myself? One-dimensional nuclear particle strings containing neutrinos, quarks, etc. interacting with each other to form into atoms. A vibrating G string looks just like ordinary underwear particles which vibrate when gently touched. With its dark mass, ability to super charge itself and partner’s particles into frenzied vibrations. In contrast, string theory for Arkansans can only do its thing vibrating at 440Hz. One of the many misunderstood vibrational states such as the state of Arkansas, the home of Mr. and Ms. Clinton carry not gravitational force, but political force.

string theory for Arkansans

String theory for Arkansans a vibrational state

The Clintons are no longer stringing people along with their quantum physics. However, they continue to string Joe Biden along telling him they can sway voters in the south away from Donald Trump. Nonetheless with only two particles between both their brains, Joe and Donald continue to string along the American people. Thank you, Wikipedia for clearing up string vibrational theory for us. In fact, with giant media corporations deciding who wins and loses, Biden shouldn’t be worried! If you’re from Arkansas please keep reading.

I’ve got the world on a string

Now I can get on with the important stuff and let me tell you why I haven’t been stringing you along. In deed, get some vibes from my piano solo, I got the world on a string. Get more vibrations by clicking on vibration below. Seriously, I’m not pulling your string.