sustain concentration during long hours

COVID-19 has forced us indoors making it necessary to learn new tricks. Therefore, if playing the piano is your thing, as it is mine, let me make this point. To sustain concentration during long hours at home, we must play new music. Therefore, please allow me to propose the following steps which have helped me to improve my piano playing. These are tricks I’ve learned that I will share with you. Moreover, guaranteed to make a big difference in your playing, that’s what you’re looking for. Click more below to see and listen to this month’s music

Sustain concentration during long hours practicing

  • listen closely while you play and maintain concentration.
  • keep your fingers aligned with the keys and fingertips bent downward.
  • place the forearms and palms of your hands parallel with the keyboard.
  • nestle your fingers close to the keys.
  • don’t drop your elbows or rotate your wrists while playing.
  • listen to your body signals i.e. “stress” an adjust as you play.
sustain interest during long hours

you want to play better piano

We all want to play better, it’s only a question of how to get there. For instance, to make your improvisation more interesting you have to change your subconscious choice finger patterns. We are prisoners to our habits which are holding us back. Therefore, my piano exercises help sustain concentration during long hours and break old subconscious habits with new fingerings.

Furthermore, arpeggiated finger exercises, chord symbols and jazz improvisation are included as always. I find practicing separate hands on some exercises helpful. Some short-improvised excerpts from jazz standards with suggested fingerings are provided. Also, remember to use the suggested fingerings and extend your piano technique.