Yesterdays gay youth

In 1933 when the musical Roberta first appeared, neither Bob Hope, George Murphy, Fred MacMurray nor Sidney Greenstreet were Hollywood stars. Moreover, they began dreaming about Hollywood careers and yesterdays gay youth while working in musical comedies off Broadway.

Musical comedies

The musical Roberta was taken from Gowns by Roberta. A novel by author Alice Duer Miller. Roberta opened at the New Amsterdam Theatre in NYC. There, in fact, it ran for 295 performances. However, as a result of dwindling audiences, it closed in July 1934. Both Yesterdays and Smoke Gets In Your Eyes are songs from the musical Roberta.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Smoke gets in your eyes lyrics by Otto Harbach. The music by Jerome Kern. To my surprise, Yesterdays was towered-over by the more popular and very lovely, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.

Otto Harbach

Otto Harbach was born in Salt Lake City, Utah to Danish immigrants. Harbach, lyricist and librettist, credited with writing lyrics for nearly 50 musical comedies. He was married had two children with his wife Ella, and inherited two children from her first marriage. Learn-more about Yesterdays.

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In 1933 Jerome Kern wrote the song Yesterdays for the musical Roberta. The Beatles many years later had a hit song with the same title. Nevertheless, this piano solo contains a Frederick Chopin introduction and a clever improvisation chorus. Furthermore, the piano sheet music is fully harmonized, easy to read and simple to print. Download it and receive a free MP3 with the purchase.

lyrics yesterdays gay youth

Olden days
Golden days
Days of mad romance and love
Then yesterday’s gay youth was mine
And truth was mine
Joyous free and flaming life

Jerome Kern

Jerome David Kern without doubt the most important American theatre composers of the early 20th century. As a matter of fact, Kern wrote more than 700 songs. Moreover, showing an early aptitude for music, he was taught to play the piano and organ by his mother, an accomplished player and teacher, Jerome went on to do great things.[3] Learn more click the button below.